MSC Human Resources

The Human Resource area serves the MSC in several ways. We play a role in the recruitment of the students involved in the MSC through programs such as the Getting Involved program and various Leadership Workshops. Additionally, we are in charge of the selections process for MSC officers monthly recognition of outstanding performance, the Annual Awards ceremony,and the training and development of MSC students.


Meet the HR Team

Anna Holguin

Vice President

Luke Bacon

Project Coordinator 

Antonio Garrido

Director - Selections

Alex Guidry

Project Coordinator - Selections

Morgan Cannon

Director - Trainings

Leon Coe

Project Coordinator -Trainings

 Jaime Rodriguez

Director - Awards

Nakul Moolji

Project Coordinator - Awards 

 Dave Salmon




How can we help the committees?


Do you need your selections process refined for either general committee members or your staff members? Ask an HR Director for help with the application and interview process, or to even sit in on interviews to give feedback from an HR perspective. Additionally, we have helpful tips for first time interviewers!


Want to recognize your members for all their hard work, but don't know how? Recognition falls into our area as well. If you would like assistance in developing your recognition programs for your committee, we can help!


We are here to help with anything concerning the heart and soul of your organizations---the STUDENTS!! Let us know how we can help, and we will try our best to meet your needs!